Particle Properties   


29 December 2016 Version



Robert M. Hartranft                  Scott W. Hartranft

Simsbury CT 06070                  Aloha OR 97006


Like particles appear to have identical properties everywhere and always.  For example, the charge on all electrons is exactly equal.  In the model presented earlier, the Creation Event is asserted to be the creation of the laws of physics.  These may have included all particle properties as explicitly defined values, or they may have been established in some measure by the process. Such a scenario would probably have involved a forced uniformity just after the Big Bang began by reason of the small size of the universe (say at 10-15 meters diameter), with those values then ”frozen” by an expansion process where every point experienced the same forces.


However done, the effect simplifies life for physicists and theologians alike:

Physics:  As a general pattern, the laws of physics appear to be few, simple, and understandable.

Theology:   The Creator means His work to be understood.


This work was made possible by the tireless support of Dr; Martha Hartranft (Robert’s wife, Scott’s mother).