The CAPE system can directly predict a student's performance in college.


Finally there is a solution for all the grading differences amongst high schools! Students have faced challenges for years when coming from schools that grade harder than the average United States school. Students who may actually have been performing at 'A' levels, may only have received 'B's in high school.

The Course-based Academic Performance Estimation (CAPE) system is a fair and in-depth analysis of local GPAs in Connecticut and compares and matches them to the rest of the national GPAs by using equal average SAT I scores.

Students will finally have the same opportunities as those coming from schools that are not grading at the same levels as their own schools. With this system, students will no longer be at a disadvantage-but be evaluated for admission or merit-based aid at institutions of their choice and qualification without the disadvantage of the subjectivity of the GPA alone.

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